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A Gift to Herself

Through the frosted window I envied Her.
She was singular entity amongst a stadium of
disciples. She was alone but filled with desire,
for she had the knowledge and the aspiration
to be the greatest gift, a gift to herself.

Through the frosted window I admired Her.
She was made of sunbeams that shone
against the glass of every skylight
that shone into the universe, she was

Through the frosted window I loved Her.
She was sovereign and self-assured
and ready for the climax of her life,
she was restless and eager and willing
to change.

Through the window I watched Her leave

And I followed.

©Eilidh G Clark


Mid April, calm yet breezy night,
I walked in the dark and was guided by moonlight.
The world was silent and the only sound
were the leaves in the tree’s and my feet on the ground.
Alas I was tempted by songs in my pocket
And the picture of you that hung in my locket,
But I felt that a change had grown wild in my brain
Like the seasons were changing, and so was the pain,
A stranger had challenged my withering heart
Twas the first real arousal since we’d been apart,
I looked at a distance but fantasised near
and the prospect of new love sent shivers of fear.
But she clawed like a blackbird at passions inside
And I craved her like coffee like a moon and the tide.
She danced on my gravestone, she lay on my skin
And she started a bonfire that burned from within
But the night was so lonely and the stars became shy
As the moon rode the heavens and rivers ran dry.
I looked to the shadows to picture her face
But shadows are demons that laughed in its place
And leaves brown and crisp sung tunes to my feet
The drizzle of rain arose perfumes so sweet
And the dark was forever and my thoughts took flight
She kissed me so tender in all shades of night.
But the season was April and the time was ‘not yet’
And the moonlight was kind and my destiny set.

©Eilidh G Clark